HDF and HDF-EOS Workshop VII

September 23-25, 2003
Silver Spring, MD


Day 1 - Tutorials (Tuesday)
Time Speaker Organization Topic Abstract Presentation
8:00 Coffee
8:30 Orientation
9:00 NCSA Introduction to HDF5 for HDF4 Users Abstract n/a
9:30 NCSA Introduction to HDF5 Data Model, Programming Model and Library APIs Abstract n/a
10:30 NCSA HDF5 storage methods, filters, properties Abstract n/a
11:30 NCSA Introduction to HDF5 Lite and High Level Interfaces Abstract n/a
12:30 Lunch
2:00 NCSA Advanced HDF5 Abstract n/a
3:00 NCSA Overview of Parallel HDF5 Abstract n/a
4:00 ESDIS ECS HDF-EOS Features and Usage Abstract n/a

Day 2 - Plenary Session and Presentations (Wednesday)
Time Speaker Organization Topic Abstract Presentation
8:00 Coffee
8:30 Richard Ullman GSFC ESDIS EOSDIS HDF Status and Plans n/a Presentation
8:45 Mike Folk NCSA HDF Status and Development n/a Presentation
9:45 Bill Johnsen
Alan Goldberg
MITRE Corp., NPOESS Program
Status of Data Product Format and Metadata Definition for NPOESS n/a Presentation
10:15 Larry Klein ECS HDF-EOS Development: Current Status and Tools n/a Presentation
11:00 Lunch
1:00 Mike Folk
Don Keefer
HDF5, HDF-EOS and Geospatial Data Archives n/a Presentation
Robert McGrath NCSA NCSA Tools for Converting Between HDF4 and HDF5 n/a Presentation
Matt Smith UAH ESML Lessons in Data Interoperability and Current Status n/a Presentation
David Han GSFC CDF Embraces XML and SOAP n/a Presentation
Russ Rew UCAR Plans for an Enhanced netCDF-4 Interface to HDF5 Data n/a Presentation
Arlindo da Silva NASA/GSFC Lessons Learned in ESMF n/a Presentation
Richard Ullman GSFC ESDIS Metadata Models in EOSDIS (V0, ECS, ECHO, FGDC, ISO 19115) n/a Presentation
Alan Goldberg MITRE Corp., NPOESS Program Incorporating NSDI Metadata in NPOESS HDF5 Products n/a n/a
Marlo Maddox NASA/GSFC An Evaluation of Science Data Formats and Their Use at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) n/a Presentation
3:00 Ask the Experts (Discussion)
4:00 Matt Smith UAH ECS-HSA, the HEW Subsetting Appliance n/a Presentation
Bob Bane GST HDF-EOS 5 Profile Validator n/a Presentation
MuQun Yang NCSA An HDF5 WRF/IO Module: A Performance Report n/a Presentation
Alan Goldberg MITRE Corp., NPOESS Program Concept for an NPOESS Product Profile n/a n/a
James Johnson GSFC DAAC SORCE Product Use of HDF n/a Presentation
Cheryl Craig Aura DSWG The HDF-EOS 5 Aura Profile Standard n/a Presentation
Jingli Yang ERT An XML Approach to HDF-EOS 5 Data Files n/a Presentation
Robert McGrath NCSA NCSA H5diff Tool n/a Presentation

Day 3 (Thursday)
Time Speaker Organization Topic Abstract Presentation
8:00 Coffee
8:30 Wider Acceptance of HDF Discussion
9:30 Peter Cao NCSA The Design of Modularized HDFview n/a Presentation
NCSA HDFexplorer n/a n/a
Jason Li GSFC DAAC Visualization Tools for Viewing AIRS HDF Data n/a Poster
Zhangshi Yin GST HDF-EOS Data Extractors & Metadata Updaters n/a Presentation
Lori Tyahla GST HDF-EOS Tools and Information Web Site n/a Presentation
George Schwenke Broadneck High School Using HDF-EOS Data in the K-12 Level n/a n/a
Robert McGrath NCSA Overview Of the HDF5 Lite and High Level interfaces n/a Presentation
Dimitar Ouzounov GES DAAC Introduction to HDFLook_MODIS n/a Presentation
11:00 Discussion: Transition from HDF4 to HDF5 and Other Futures

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